Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure you're there for my birthing session?
You can't exactly schedule the moment you're going to go into labour, now can you? Unless its a scheduled c-section, and even then baby may decide to come sooner? For that reason, when you purchase a birthing session, I'll be on call for the two weeks before and after your due date. When the time comes, have someone call me up and I'll meet you at the hospital (or wherever you're giving birth).

Do I have control over what images you take and share?
Of course. I will not take any photographs that you do not feel comfortable with. That goes for maternity, newborn and birthing sessions. Also, if you aren't comfortable with me sharing images on social media or my blog, I certainly would not do so.

Why is it so important to do newborn photos within the first week or two?
All newborns have a 'honeymoon-phase' where they are extra sleepy and so easy to pose without becoming too fussy or over-stimulated. It's a certain hormone, that makes them just want to eat and sleep (and poop). They also develop baby-acne after 2 weeks and it can take extra time to settle and pose them.

Will you come to my home?
Absolutely. I understand that this is a hectic time for you, so I want to make your session as easy and streamlined as possible. I do prefer to photograph in a room that's extremely well lit with natural light, so just make sure that's available. And, of course, you can always come to my studio.

What should I wear to my maternity session?
Ultimately, what you wear depends on what you're comfortable in. That said, I recommend clothing that showcases your baby bump. Empire dresses belted under the bust and stretchy fabrics are two of my favorites. I'd avoid anything extremely loose though. Avoid busy patterns and logos, including on your family's clothes. Keep it simple and 'clean'. I do offer a dress hire service as well.

When should I have my maternity photos taken?
I think some of the best maternity photos are taken between the seventh and eighth month mark. Ideally it is before 35 weeks of pregnancy and before you get too uncomfortable and puffy.


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