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Hello, I'm Lise-Marié Eksteen. It's great to meet you!

As a busy mom of 2 young children, and devoted wife, I appreciate how time can fly by in a heartbeat.Before you know it, your little bundles of joy are all grown up and you can barely peg them down for a quick chat, never mind a photo.

With that in mind, soon after my son was born, I fell in love with capturing his uniqueness and beauty through my camera.I also noticed how there was a buzz going around from other moms wanting to preserve the memories of their own small children.

Although, at the time, I was very busy with wedding photography, I felt a pull towards babies.And, so my business of photography evolved, focusing solely on births, babies, newborns and pregnant moms.

No matter whether you are pregnant for the first time or it’s number two or three.No matter whether your baby is newborn or toddling around, creating those picture-perfect moments can be tough.Sure, one can pull out a smartphone and snap away, but most times, only one or two come out great.

I find, with most families, that they realise the benefit of having photos taken professionally soon after they see their children and partner captured beautifully on film.And, then what happens is they make sure they book me on a regular basis to ensure all those special occasions and milestones are forever memorialised in print.

One of the areas that I truly have a passion and love for is the birth photography.In the past few years, it has become quite trendy to book a photographer who will capture the birth of your child.While some parents are not crazy about the idea and would rather forget the entire experience, others love that a very pinnacle and beautiful moment in their lives will be recorded and rejoiced.Besides the fact that I know the overwhelming feelings which go with giving birth, I feel very privileged and blessed to be able to experience this over and over again with my clients, and to see and feel the rawness of their emotions, as they bring life into this world.

With my background in Occupational Therapy, along with my experience in photography, I am the perfect partner for you when you want to seize those precious moments and forever freeze them in time.

I look forward to connecting and sharing with you and your family!


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